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Bartley and Kit love being out in the country
Bartley and Kit love being out in the country: click for a full view.
Brexit may be one thing but Energy Policy is even more crucial to the UK
Theresa May has slowed down the proposed project at Hinkley Point but what will become of it in the future? We read that she has some reservations about security because of the part that China is wanting to take. But surely there are many more negative factors to consider.
None of the proposed reactors have been built successfully but those that have been started have not even pretended to be remotely on time nor on budget. The putative guarantees on eventual cost to the public are so way out of what we might expect that our negotiators should be dismissed in shame. So the idea of reliability and fair cost have no chance of being achieved.
As far as security is concerned we worry that the construction lies in the hands of the French and the financing will be controlled mainly by China. Nuclear stations are such large projects that they cannot be managed by this nation and what will happen in the future with possible national stresses and loyalties does not bear thinking about. So there goes the idea that Hinkley Point (or its associated constructions) will be nationally secure ventures.
Last but not least is the safety issue. We have long argued that the main dangers of nuclear power are associated with the disposal of its waste. There is no way that nuclear waste in substantial quantities can be safely disposed of. The tremendously long life of most radioactive waste means that to all intents and purpose, in human terms, it remains permanently dangerous. This inability to get rid of the enormously toxic waste has meant that it has normally been kept on site. Inevitably the amount increases and the concentration of the deadly compounds is asking for catastrophic outcomes. Already we have seen at least two major catastrophes due to the concentration of waste. One was at Chernobyl and the other at Fukushima and if you think that these accidents are over and done with you would be mistaken. Also if you would argue that such accidents cannot happen here you must think again. One was human error/incompetence and the other triggered by a tsunami; both are possible/probable in the UK. So the concept that Nuclear power would be safe here is a pipe dream.
On the other hand there are numerous examples of truly green sources of energy at our disposal and these need not pose any of the above threats. We have a record of efficient and cheapening wind power and solar power and plenty of potential for a variety of water powers also secondary sources such as hydrogen. Not only are these green but they are relatively safe, much cheaper, nationally secure and can come on line much quicker than nuclear power.
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