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A pair of ducks enjoy this beautiful water feature in RHS Wisley Gardens
A pair of ducks enjoy this beautiful water feature in RHS Wisley Gardens:
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The Future for the UK Economy and Climate Change is Bleak.
In the UK we have never been given any meaningful understanding of what Brexit really means. However, as time passes it is becoming clearer that what we shall get will be to our considerable disadvantage. The European union is by no means perfect, particularly with the rise of extreme right influences in its membership, but on balance it would be better if we were to remain within the organisation both economically and morally. Not only would we have immediate, significant benefits but would have some say in improving the Community for the future. There can be little doubt that the process for our decision to leave was influenced by the action of individuals and concerns that lied and illegally manipulated data to deliberately change the outcome. As Engineers we believe that if something is broken it needs to be fixed. The Brexit referendum was savagely flawed and it must be repaired by allowing a democratic choice to reconsider the decision informed by a greater knowledge of what is at stake.
Climate change is an international, existential threat and needs to be addressed as a vital necessity. The UK has little to be proud of in this context. It has tried to persuade Europe to lower its sights on energy saving and that may well mean that the UK itself will aim to reduce targets for our nation. In 2015 support for solar power was cut significantly by the UK government. Pretty well all energy schemes need subsidies to advance and continue. We seem to be set to expand nuclear power generation as a major contributor to Green Energy supply, at the expense of truly green energy systems. We could not disagree more with this policy since the evidence indicates that nuclear power is potentially very dangerous in the longer term and will reduce the momentum to develop clean energy efficiency.
Our current Prime Minister (we won't mention the previous one) is at the centre of our problem. Theresa May has weakened her position so that she is now in thrall to the privileged elite of her party and worse the so-called Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland. These players, who are not true representatives of the people, for they are all prejudiced outside the norms, have motives and exaggerated powers which are not for the good of our nation. Maybe the PM would do better if she could but she is hog-tied by dint of her weakness and her own prejudices. Over the Pond things are just as bad, if not worse. The USA have elected a President who is a self declared Climate-change denier and has a record of unbelievable, foolhardy, irresponsible crass behaviour.
Why is it that at this time our democracies, of which we are proud, have resulted in the election of people who seem to behave like clowns, can be downright liars and who can do a U-turn on the head of a pin if it suits their own ends? Unless there are significant changes in education and policies the future for the UK economy and global climate-change will certainly be bleak.

And in contrast something much lighter and topical:

A Slide Show of Water Lilies in the Canal at RHS Wisley.
These were photographed during July/August 2013 but a similar display can be seen this summer. Click any image to start the slide show.

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By Gordon Shaw.

Pink Blossom in Oaks Park
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