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View of Swedish Harbour showing local architecture
View of Örnsköldsvik Harbour, Sweden showing local architecture: click for a full view.
Theresa May: it's not what you don't say, it's the way you don't say it.
Back in early 2009 Theresa May said that we didn't need a bigger Heathrow (just a better one). Late in 2010, in line with David Cameron's "no ifs no buts" she said "I strongly welcome cancellation of the third runway at Heathrow". Since her constituency is on the flight path and the increased noise and pollution would be most unwelcome, her stance was logical. Now, would you believe, in order to appeal to the influential, she has promptly agreed to a further runway at this airport. Environmentally this is a totally unacceptable decision, and further it will make it extremely difficult for many years for those people in the shadow to live a normal life because of the uncertainty of its' impact.
The proposal to build a nuclear power station at Hinkley Point, Somerset is, in our opinion, a much greater environmental threat than Heathrow airport or any alternative energy venture we can imagine. At an early stage TM regarded the financial arrangements for the project to be a major security concern (think China as an investor) and she said so but hey presto in a very short time, after some rumblings from the Chinese, she decided, without logical discussion, that it didn't matter and she has given the project the go-ahead. The apparent reason for this relaxation and the one at Heathrow is so that She, sorry I mean the UK, is open for business in the wake of the decision to leave the EU (aka Brexit). All sorts of nonsense has been flaunted about the financial guarantees and security offered by the contract on offer but make no mistake, based on the track records of similar ventures and predicted costs, the inevitability is that this decision will result in enormously expensive and dangerous outcomes to this nation, for generations to come.
In the run-up to the "remain or leave" referendum it was known that she addressed Goldman Sachs on the issue of what might happen if we were to leave the EU. However the substance of the discussion was secretly covered up both by TM and GS. Unfortunately for them the content was leaked to the Guardian and it became clear from that address that she felt that if we were to leave the EU then companies important to the UK economy would leave the UK. That was her private opinion but publicly during this period she was conspicuous by her reluctance to come off the fence and make statements to this effect. In short she refused to say anything which might have reduced her chance of being a contender for the post of PM.
Following the referendum and its' surprise outcome she said after her coronation, which came about in strange and sorry circumstances (eg think backstabbing, lies, shameful retractions etc), we are going ahead and Brexit means Brexit. We take this as an insult because if you know what Brexit means you don't need to be told so childishly. If you don't know what it means then such a definition doesn't help one bit. In truth after all these weeks it is patently clear that no one can claim to know exactly what Brexit means; apparently including She.
The EU is a brittle collection of nations with many faults including numerous unsavoury characters some of which are raging nationalists. Europe has a history of struggle and strife breeding actual wars and the symptoms are still there. The Union offers the opportunity to ameliorate the threats and also to nurture mutual prosperity. If the UK had remained we would have had some proportionate influence on controlling these features and some share of the benefits of the common market. Outside we will have little or no impact on these issues and both the EU and we will be worse off as a result. It will be no consolation to have to look up to Theresa May in all her grandeur while we ponder the lost opportunities caused by the absence of open and honest discussion.
Theresa May could do well to read and digest the outcome of the Sir John Chilcot report (largely reviewing the part played by PM Tony Blair in the invasion of Iraq in 2003). When asked what his most important finding was Chilcot said it was the "failure to exert and exercise sufficient collective responsibility for a very big decision." Andrew Tyrie, chair of the Treasury select committee added to it by saying that as a result Mr Blair eroded the trust of the electorate in its leaders. We think that these conclusions offer a lesson which is very relevant and appropriate to the current problems and TMs handling of them.
And in contrast something much lighter and immediately topical:
A ballet of seagulls on the river Mole, Cobham, Surrey after the floods of 2013-2014

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By Gordon Shaw.

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