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About us and how to contact us ..

    ...and some legal comments. (By Gordon Shaw)

The "Envocare" ® site was conceived, and will continue to be developed, as a central source of data on environmental issues.
Our aim is to provide useful information on the site, we do not offer any kind of recycling or trading service.
 Envocare Ltd was founded by a small group of individuals, with backgrounds in the electronics and IT disciplines, who wish to encourage the preservation and improvement of the environment. We think that many people share this ideal, but often lack easy access to relevant information.
Our location is South West of London in Surrey. Being in the leafy suburbs doesn't protect us from environmental pollution but we are spared the extremes of incinerators, at least for now. Clues to the local scenery are contained in the images on this page, which can be enlarged if you click on them (click "Back" to return). Some are suitable for saving as Windows or Macintosh Backgrounds or Wallpapers.
Our philosophy is pragmatic. To encourage change it's got to be an easy process, or maybe we won't bother. Also we believe that it is better to be Light Green than not Green at all. Perhaps with encouragement we can evolve painlessly from Light to Darker shades of Green.
Red Azaleas: Click to enlarge View of Running Deer in Home Park: Click to enlarge
Red Azaleas in Surrey Garden Running Deer in Home Park
Click to enlarge the photos, then click 'Back' to return here. They can be used as backgrounds or wallpapers.
To contact us, type in one of the E-mails below:
  To reduce the enormous amounts of spam we receive we have felt obliged to limit the number of active email addresses to those below. Also to reduce harvesting the addresses are based on gifs which means you will have to type them in. Apologies but the spam merchants are a curse
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Development of the site and possible sponsorship:
Deer at the bottom of our garden
A Deer in Our Garden
Help us with your ideas to expand and enhance our range; and do contact us if you'd like us to include your services, products etc that you feel will improve the use of resources or benefit the environment. Generally, we will freely include small charities and public services organisations. However, to support the maintenance of the site we need sponsorship from commercial and profit-making concerns which meet the basic aims of this site. Sponsors are vital to the continuation of the site.
Legal Matters:
Swans at Play: Click to enlarge
Swans Playing on Thames
Our aim is to inform, not to give recommendations. We do not necessarily endorse views expressed here or on linked sites but hope that the information will help you to decide what should be done to improve our environment. You should make your own evaluations before taking any action or non-action as a result of the content herein.
Conversely, the inclusion of organisations on the site is not intended to imply that those organisations endorse the content of this site.
We have tried to be accurate, all data being derived by our research team from what we believe are reliable sources. However, errors and omissions are bound to occur. If we are informed of inaccuracies we shall correct these at an early practical opportunity. If any individual or organisation wishes to have their information removed please let us know.
  Our Privacy Policy is quite simple, please click here to see the details.
Pheasants outside our kitchen window
Our Pheasants
The content and design of this site is copyright 2000-2012: envocare. This excludes all information which is the copyright of included individuals or organisations: all such material and trademarks are respected implicitly. Material downloaded from the site may be used for non-profit purposes provided envocare is acknowledged as the source with a link (if it leads to improvement in the environment so much the better ). For other uses please contact the Webmaster at one of the e-mail addresses above.
Bee on Rhododendron at Wisley (taken by Wendy)
Bee on Rhododendron at Wisley (taken by Wendy)
Our preferred Web Address is www.envocare.co.uk, however, we also respond to envocare with several other extensions.
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