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Recycle Your Old Computer and Peripherals

Or maybe you can get good second-user computer bargains

When your PC or laptop needs replacing what do you do with it?
Maybe its only 2 or 3 years old and its a liability. If you can sell it, well done but will you be expected to provide support?
What about confidential info stored on the hard disc (even though you are convinced its deleted)?
If the information includes data on individuals, where do you stand with regard to the Data Protection Act?
For an idea of what the law says on that score, see our Data Protection Reference page.
Hanging on to it is not the answer either.
Casual storage of old computers, monitors and related equipment can create potential hazards. Apart from that they take up valuable space, what a hassle when you come to move. If you want to donate items do it straight away before they become too old to be of any use.
The EU has decided that electrical and electronic waste poses such a potential danger
that they have issued directives aimed at reducing the amount of toxic materials used in manufacture and controlling the way in which the waste is eventually disposed of. To read about these directives see our Reference pages:
Restriction of Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) , and
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
A good solution is to offer your obsolete computer and peripherals to recycling organisations,
and in the process some firms will provide certification that they have been disposed of safely, within the law. If the devices are not too old there is every chance that they can be refurbished to help needy folks, the disabled, schools, voluntary organisations and the third-world countries.
On the other hand you might like to buy a refurbished computer yourself, then some of the links below might be just the place to start your search.

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  There are a large number of organisations who will take your old computer and other IT equipment and arrange for it to be reused. Occasionally you may be able to realise some cash or you may simply want to dispose of the equipment within the law. Always, it is better to have passed on your PC or laptop to benefit someone else, avoiding the environmental dangers of disposal in landfill or incinerators. Computers normally contain some hazardous materials.
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    Computer Aid International, a registered charity, recycles computer technology to developing nations, working with other organisations. They also take and recycle printer cartridges and old mobile phones.
    Computers For Charities exists to promote the efficiency of charitable and voluntary organisations by the provision of computer services, support and training within the UK and Overseas.
    Computer Disposals Ltd is a WEEE compliant IT recycling and disposal service operating nationwide in the UK. Secure data destruction, ISO certified, safe contractor accredited and a Waste Management Licence carrier, CDL offers preferential pricing for charities and donates equipment to charitable organisations on behalf of public and private sectors.
    Computer Resale: There are about 40 Computer Resale stores in the UK, each operating independently. If you or your company needs to buy, recycle or dispose of IT equipment, you could use their chain.
    Computers for the Disabled, a registered charity & non-profit organisation, provides computers for disabled individuals and groups in the UK.
    Computer Remarketing Services Ltd is an IT asset management company specialising in refurbishment and resale of ex-lease computer equipment.
    Corporate Recycling Facilities specialises in computer disposals and computer recycling. They cover the UK market providing services for all end-of-life and surplus IT inventory.
    D&L IT Recycling Ltd are a computer and IT recycling company specialising in Secure Collection and Disposal of redundant IT Equipment across the UK. They have a nationwide collection service and are licensed by the Environment Agency to collect, transport and recycle WEEE waste.
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  Digital Links International is a registered charity running a campaingn to recycle medical computers and medical equipment to third world companies
Digital Pipeline promotes affordable and environmentally responsible reuse of computers to help disadvantaged schools and communities in Africa and other parts of the world. They connect those who wish to donate used computers to organisations that need them. They have trusted partners to facilitate refurbishment and distribution of used computers.
    Donate-a-PC provide a free 'matchmaking' service, primarily for those with only one or two items, for individuals and organisations to donate unwanted computers, printers etc to UK charities, nfp organisations and educational establishments.
    Ethical IT Recycling buys your out-of-date IT equipment, renews it and returns the affordable kit to the market, giving others the chance to participate in the IT revolution. They help schools/colleges by providing FREE computer hardware recycling, anywhere in mainland UK.
IT for Charities is an IT resource guide for UK charities and NfP organisations. They give a list with summaries of companies who supply recycled and refurbished PCs as well as where and how individuals and organisations can donate PCs.
    IT Schools Africa is a UK-based charity which delivers recycled computers to African schools to improve education & cross-cultural communication. You can donate computers and IT equipment; see their web site.
    Microprice is a small company based in Malvern specialising in the sale of refurbished computer systems. The business aims to supply the best quality refurbished computer systems with warranty and backup.
    The Community Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher Scheme (MAR), or Microsoft Refurbisher Program, aids organisations to donate or sell refurbished PCs to UK schools, educational institutions and charities. It also helps these institutions to acquire a professionally refurbished PC.
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MillRace IT, is a nfp 'Social Enterprise' based in Essex. They refurbish redundant IT and telecom equipment, make affordable equipment available to communities in voluntary, education and care sectors, provide accredited IT training and work experience and training for disadvantaged people.

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  New Leaf Recycling, based in south London, offers recycling schemes for most electronic equipment including computers, monitors, printers, photocopiers and TVs also office waste paper, printer toner cartridges.
    Regional Electronics Initiative (REI), a network of independent computer refurbishment centres, offers disposal of IT equipment, aims to deliver high quality service to businesses with benefits to communities and the environment for Yorkshire and Humber.
    Re-Tek UK provide asset management and recycling services to commerce, UK wide. They concentrate on reuse rather than conventional recycling which extends the life of the stock and can generate a financial return
for the owner. All services and processes are carried out within the regulations and guidelines of the WEEE directive.
    S2S Lifecycle Services provide services from decommissioning of IT equipment, refurbishment, re-sale, end of life recycling, secure data destruction and WEEE services; equipment includes: computers, monitors, mobiles, telecoms, UPS, medical, games & vending machines.
    TBC Recycling collects and recycles redundant IT equipment. They sell cheap used computers for export or sale, benefiting educational institutions and disadvantaged groups world-wide. Donated computers are refurbished if possible otherwise they are responsibly disposed of.
    UK Fundraising point out computers are essential to fundraising; they give info on recycling services for UK charity fundraisers in news items.
UK IT Recycling offer computer disposal recycling and data destruction services across the UK. They donate equipment to people who really need it, including small charities, low income families, self support groups, the unemployed and small business start-ups benefiting the community.
    WasteOnline (Waste Watch) is a superb site covering lots on relevant information, including Computer recycling, with a large list of recyclers organised by geographical area. You can also advertise your equipment.
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