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Global Warming, Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol

  Energy and Human Ecology (Page 1)

The energy and human ecology section is divided over four pages.
Page 1 reviews Global Warming, Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.
Page 2 addresses alternative energy and renewable energy.
Page 3 deals with energy conservation advice, devices and means.
Page 4 highlights Motor Vehicles due to their increasing importance in climate change

Many international problems which, we believe, are well recognised and documented such as global warming, rising sea levels, changing weather patterns, depletion of the ozone layer, violence and the
extinction of species, are caused in part by consumers creating an ever increasing demand for energy.

Three ways to solve these problems are to:
  • Reduce unnecessary demands for energy
  • Choose sustainable sources which create little pollution
  • Use the power that we demand as efficiently as possible
Duck in Surrey floods, 2001 NASA image showing Ozone Layer depletion October 1979-92
Duck in floods in Surrey, 2001 NASA image showing Ozone Layer depletion October 1979-92
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  Our choice quote, back in 2004:
  "In 10 years time we expect offshore costs to have fallen significantly. On a level playing field we expect them to undercut nuclear without any difficulty".
(Richard Ford and David Milborrow (British Wind Energy Association), writing in The IEE Review, May 2004, p4 in response to an apparently prejudiced assertion that future Wind generation will be much more expensive than Nuclear.)
Borneo fires

Satellite view of the Borneo Fires, NASA, 1997

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Global Warming, International Concerns and Climate Change are addressed on this page.
Global Warming
  Global Warming, many would say, is already happening and several scientific treatises confirm this and indicate that the effect is man made. The US currently features highly amongst those nations considered guilty. For our précis on Global Warming, Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Sinks, click.
  CRed is the Community Carbon Reduction Project based in the East of England. CRed and its partners will put Norfolk and Norwich on the world map by taking real action to address the biggest environmental challenge confronting everyone on the planet. A highly recommended site to visit.

  The Environmental Protection Agency. Ironically, for an excellent reference on global warming and associated topics click on the ball for the US EPA.

The Kyoto Protocol

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  The Kyoto Protocol of 1997 embodies international proposals to combat global warming, an initiative started c.1992. Click for our synopsis of the Kyoto Protocol Background up to late 2000.
Trying to follow the news on this topic is frustrating. Because the problem is multidimensional, international and political, the average person may not have the time, inclination nor ability to follow what is going on. All this is made worse because the target is constantly changing. Below we suggest a few sources of information. However, if you find the whole business confusing, click to see our commentary on the Kyoto Protocol Progress from Nov 2000.
  In the UK it is worth visiting the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to view their Consultation Paper.
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Climate Change
Volcano View, Lanzarote

The Earth's climate is determined by several interacting phenomena such as the sun's energy, volcanoes and the constitution of the atmosphere. All of them are variable and impose enormous influences on the climate, completely dwarfing the perturbations caused by man. Does this mean that humanity cannot significantly alter the climate? To see our brief review of the subject see our Reference page on Climate Change. For more detailed and authoritative references see the links below.

  In the UK the University of East Anglia have a Climatic Research Unit which they say is widely recognised as one of the world's leading institutions concerned with the study of natural and anthropogenic (man made?) climate change. Not only is climate considered on a global scale but climate change in the UK is discussed. Some secondary indicators of climate change are documented, such as the arrival dates of swallows and the increase in productive vineyards in England.
  The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has an extensive section on Global Warming. The site is filled with interesting information including reference to the US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) which, it is claimed, coordinates the world's most extensive research effort on climate change. One entry says that the Clinton Administration is (afraid that's a was, now) addressing the challenge of global warming while, at the same time, strengthening the economy.
  Campaign against Climate Change is a British activist organisation which claims to fight against the ignorance, inertia, short term greed and vested interests that stand in the way of the rapid and radical action urgently needed to prevent the irreversible destabilisation of our planet's climate.
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Rock Carvings
  This view is downstream of the hydro station in Näsåker, Sweden. What gives added interest are the stone age carvings in the rocks, now coloured in red. Click to enlarge the image.

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