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Ethical Financial Advisers, Insurers, Brokers etc

Ethical Financial Advisers including a few other services such as insurers and Brokers etc.

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Index of Ethical Financial Advisers
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Brokers, Insurers etc (not advisers)
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Choosing what ethical criteria you would like to support can be a problem; it can be difficult to find your way through the complexities of socially responsible and ethical investment. What exactly are the 'rights' and 'wrongs'?
You can go to our page on 'Ethical Criteria and Socially Responsible Investment: A Guide to Choosing', from the menu bar, this may help.

    Note that in the financial services industry there is considerable flux as new organisations are created or others merge. This may occasionally lead to anomalies in the links below and on the other financial pages.
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Ethical Investment Advisers

 Ethical Investment Advisers
  Barchester Green Investment, founded in 1985, was the first IFA to specialise in ethical investment; they are the only non-sectarian green IFA with a network of full-time consultants to advise clients in their own homes in mainland UK.
  Earth Capital Partners specialise in advising on investments that address the challenges of sustainable development e.g. climate change, water scarcity, food and energy security.
Epworth Investment Management is an ethical fund manager for charities and churches, committed to delivering a high quality investment service seeking superior returns and improved ethical standards.
  Ethical Consumer is the UK's only alternative consumer organisation looking at social and environmental records of companies behind brand names. The silver link is to the web site of Ethical Consumer Research Association (ECRA).
  Ethical Financial Planning are IFAs offering a professional service in areas such as Pensions, Life Assurance, Investments and Mortgages. Specialising in Ethical Investments, they provide advice to individuals, Charities and companies.
  Ethical Futures aims to help you manage your money ethically.  They offer a range of advice options, from ‘self-select’ to full financial planning to help you make financial choices to suit you.
  The Ethical Investment Association (EIA) is a nation-wide body of independent financial advisers (IFAs), which was set up to promote socially responsible ethical investment and to create standards within the ethical investment industry.
  Ethical Investments Ltd provides nation-wide financial planning integrating social and ethical values with financial needs, recognising that individuals have different criteria. They offer seven ethical ISAs, with discount.
  The Ethical Investment Co-operative is the UK's first firm of Independent Financial Advisers that is dedicated solely to the promotion of Ethical Investment and Greens Investment.
  The Ethical Investment Research Service (EIRIS) was set up to provide independent research into corporate behaviour needed by ethical investors. The service concentrates purely on ethical research and does not offer financial advice or investment management services.
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  Ethical Investors provide specialist independent financial advice to individuals, groups, charities and companies caring about their world and its preservation; they are dedicated to SRI and promote professionalism. The site has an Ethical Fund Directory.
  The Ethical Partnership Ltd is a non-profit making company specialising in offering financial planning advice, linked to ethical and socially responsible investment, for individuals, companies, and charities.
  The Fair Trade Practice are committed to the campaign of providing justice to those who have been mis-sold mortgages, mis-sold payment protection insurance, or have received outrageous credit card charges for late or missed payments and passionate about helping customers get their money back.
  Global and Ethical Investment Advice (GÆIA) Partnership are Independent Financial Advisers with a particular interest in ethical and environmental funds incorporating environmental & socially responsible investments, and financial institutions that combine good performance with ethical criteria.
  Guardian Unlimited gives advice for ethical investments with several fact sheets on various aspects of ethical money and investment.
  Investing Ethically Ltd are a team offering independent financial advice with ethical expertise. Their business aims to provide long term, financial advice that is both technically correct and ethically based.
  King & Shaxson provides ethical investment management services, with a focus on investing in solutions to social and environmental challenges. They manage personal portfolios according to your own ethical and financial criteria.
  Profit with Principle is the web site of the Ethical Investment Consultancy, IFAs specialising in SRI. This independent ethical investment site provides access to information and financial services in the UK, helping you Profit with Principle.
  Rathbones, an investment management company, set up its Ethical Investment Service in response to an increasing demand for socially responsible investment; it tailors portfolios around clients own criteria.
  The UK Sustainable Investment & Finance Association's (UKSIF) primary purpose is to promote and encourage the development and positive impact of Socially and Environmentally Responsible Investment throughout the UK.
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Ethical Insurers, Brokers etc

Painted Cretan Cat   Note that members of this group do not normally give financial advice except in the broadest terms. We include them here because their operations include some environmental or charitable element, for example, the way they use their commission.
Ethical Insurance, Brokers etc
  Animal Friends Insurance (AFI) states it is the first not-for-profit, ethical insurance fundraising business, giving quality insurance at best prices, pledging 100% of their net profits to worthy animal welfare causes.
  Cavendish Online claim to be the UK's first solely fee based discount broker. They offer to purchase ISAs, Unit Trusts, Investment Bonds and transfer PEPs and ISAs and will either reinvest the commissions (initial and renewal) on your behalf or give them to a charity (your choice from a short list).

ecoinsurance states it is the UK's first car insurance policy to help offset some of the damage your car's CO2 emissions cause to the environment and at no extra cost to you. Brought to you by Co-operative Insurance, stated as the UK's only insurance provider with a customer-led Ethical Engagement Policy.


ETA state their aim is to raise awareness of the impact of excessive car use and help individuals and organisations to make positive changes in their travel habits. They offer cycle insurance, house insurance, motor insurance and travel insurance as well as cycle rescue and vehicle inspections.


ibuyeco state that with their car insurance you can become 100% carbon neutral and offset your car CO2 emissions, balancing out the impact your driving has on the environment. They invest in sustainable projects with their partners, the CarbonNeutral Company.

  Naturesave Policies Ltd, an ecological insurance intermediary, offer ethical insurance which protects you and the environment. They aim to encourage adoption of more environmentally aware trading practices.
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