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Ethical Funds, Managers, Banks and Building Societies

Ethical Fund Managers, Ethical Banks and Building Societies usually invest in stocks and shares combining growth and income. Portfolios may include Unit Trusts and ISA , with a presence of pension funds, OEICs and occasional assurance. The criteria for the ethical standards may vary quite widely from organisation to organisation. Some will apply strict guidelines to the investment targets and may use the term Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) but others may rely on some charitable connection; there will be all shades of green between. For a discussion on the subject of criteria see the orange button below the index.

On this page, we have selected some ethical, SRI and other related Funds and Trusts operated by a range of Fund Managers. In our opinion, not all of these companies promote themselves, or appear to be, ‘green’ although they manage a ‘green’ fund or two. It is up to the individual to judge the fund and the company according to their own values. There is now a wider choice of 'ethical' and 'green' funds available covering a broader spectrum of sectors including renewable/alternative energies, climate change as well as health, social, sustainability, environmental and SRI.

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You will need to search for the Fund you are interested in on the Fund Manager's site.

Index of Funds and Trusts, arranged by Fund Manager
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Banks and Building Societies etc
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    Choosing what ethical criteria you would like to support can be a problem; it can be difficult to find your way through the complexities of socially responsible and ethical investment. What exactly are the 'rights' and 'wrongs'?
You can go to our page on 'Ethical Criteria and Socially Responsible Investment: A Guide to Choosing', from the menu bar, this may help.


Fund and Trust Managers

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  The Aberdeen Ethical World (Global) OEIC Fund is managed to achieve long-term capital growth through international quality investments chosen on the basis of ethical ('socially responsible') criteria. The Aberdeen Responsible UK Equity Fund seeks long term growth via a diversified portfolio of UK companies; environment, social and governance criteria are considered.

The Aberdeen Fellowship Fund aims to achieve capital growth over the long term by investing predominantly in UK companies which meet defined ethical criteria. From 7 Dec 09, this will be renamed to Premier Fellowship Fund.

  Aviva Investors UK Ethical Fund aims to provide long-term capital growth through investment in UK shares chosen to meet a set of ethical standards.
  Aviva Sustainable Future Funds aim to be good for your future wealth and the planet, investing to meet a set of social and ethical criteria. The funds are: Sustainable Future Absolute Growth Fund, Sustainable Future Corporate Bond Fund, Sustainable Future European Growth Fund, Sustainable Future Global Growth Fund, Sustainable Future Managed Fund and Sustainable Future UK Growth Fund.
Aviva Igloo
  The Igloo Regeneration Fund is a partnership of pension, life and charity funds managed by Aviva Investors, which invests in sustainable urban regeneration across the UK. It invests in mixed-use real estate through sustainable place-making in partnership with the public sector and local communities.
  The Axa Ethical Fund aims to achieve capital growth over the medium to long term, investing in companies whose products, services or method of operation are considered not to be detrimental to the global community.
  Blackrock Aegon Ethical Fund invests mainly in UK equities, avoiding investing in companies that do unacceptable harm to people, animals or the environment and is suited to those investors who have particularly strong ethical beliefs.
    The Blackrock BGF New Energy Fund seeks to maximise total return, investing globally at least 70% of its total assets in the equity securities of new energy companies; those engaged in alternative energy and energy technologies including renewable energy, alternative fuels, automotive and on-site power generation, materials technology, energy storage and enabling energy technologies.
  CAF's Socially Responsible Portfolio (SRP) is an ethical investment product for charitable organisations. Developed in collaboration with F&C Asset Management plc, the SRP seeks to deliver returns consistent with strict ethical principles. The CAF funds are: UK Equity Growth, UK Equitrack and Bond Income, click here for more details.
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CIS's ethical Child Trust fund allows parents/guardians to invest in socially responsible companies. Co-operative Insurance have teamed up with The Children's Mutual to offer the UK's first ethical CTF stakeholder account.
CIS Sustainable Leaders Trust (Global) invests in good quality, responsible, mainly UK, companies, positively involved in improving the environment, quality of life and enhancing human health and safety.

The CIS Sustainable World Fund aims to provide medium to long term capital growth via worldwide investments in multiple asset classes, but primarily equities with some fixed interest securities and cash

The CIS Sustainable Diversified Fund aims to provide medium to long term capital growth from a diverse range of asset classes, e.g. equities, bonds, property and cash, mainly in the UK.
  Ecclesiastical offer four Amity socially responsible/ethically screened investment funds with an investment policy of 'profit with principles'; UK, European, International and Sterling Bond Funds. They seek to invest in companies which make a positive contribution to society and the environment.
  Equitable Ethical Trust (Global) invests internationally in companies. The Trust can be linked to unit trusts, pension or life policy.
Ethical Property
  The Ethical Property Company, a unique initiative in ethical investment, buys properties and develops them as centres bringing charities, co-operatives, community groups together to share skills / ideas. Anyone can buy shares.
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  Family Charities Ethical (UK) Trust aims for long term capital growth, investing in companies following ethical and environmental guidelines. The Ethical Bond, an equity based unit linked savings plan and the Ethical ISA invest in the FCET.
First State

The First State Asia Pacific Sustainability Fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth, investing in equities in the Asia Pacific region, taking account of sustainability themes and issues.

    The First State Emerging Markets Sustainability Fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth, investing in a diversified portfolio of companies having significant operations in emerging economies, taking account of sustainability themes and issues.
Framlington Health
  The Axa Framlington Health (Global) Fund aims to achieve capital growth through investment in healthcare and medical services and product companies worldwide. The policy of the trust is to invest subject to ethical guidelines.
Friends Provident
  Friends Provident offers four Stewardship unit trusts which meet a range of ethical investment objectives, and are available under an ethical ISA. The funds are: Stewardship Life (UK), Stewardship International Life (Global), Stewardship Managed Life (Balanced) and Stewardship Income Life (UK).

The Henderson Industries of the Future (Global) Fund aims to provide capital growth by investing in companies that meet specific ethical criteria; it may invest in companies in any economic sector and any area of the world.

    The Henderson Global Care (HGC) range of funds comprise three OEICs; HGC Growth, HGC Income and HGC Managed. Each has specific financial objectives and ethical investment criteria.
    Henderson Horizon Industries of the Future Fund aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing globally in companies that enable an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible economy.
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The IFSL Impax Environmental Leaders Fund (global) invests in companies actively increasing their exposure to the environmental sector, focusing on alternative energy and energy efficiency, water treatment and pollution control, waste technologies and resource management.


The Impax Environmental Markets (Ireland) Fund invests mainly in quoted companies involved with technology-based systems, products or services in environmental markets, particularly alternative energy, energy efficiency, water treatment and pollution control, waste technology and resource management.


The Impax New Energy Investors LP Fund (mainly Europe) targets investments in projects in the New Energy Sector: solar, wind, and other commercially proven renewable power generation (e.g. hydropower and biomass-to-energy) and infrastructure assets related to renewable energy transmission and distribution.

  The aim of the Jupiter Ecology (Global) Fund is to achieve long term capital appreciation plus a growing income consistent with a policy of protecting the environment. On the site, go to Green Funds.
    The Jupiter Environmental Income (primarily UK) Fund seeks to provide long-term capital growth from a portfolio primarily invested in UK equities. On the site, go to Green Funds.
King & Shaxson
  The King & Shaxson Ethical Balanced Income Fund aims to deliver both income and long term capital growth from a cautiously managed portfolio of fixed interest securities, commercial property and shares and has a stringent set of ethical criteria.
    The King & Shaxson Green Solutions Fund (global) aims to deliver long-term capital growth from a portfolio of equities that provide solutions to social and environmental challenges.
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Marks and Spencer
  The Marks and Spencer Ethical Fund aims for long term capital growth by investing in predominantly UK companies that meet their social, environmental and ethical criteria and that make a positive contribution to the community and environment.
  The Prudential Ethical (UK) Fund aims to maximise the long term total return by investment in a portfolio wholly or mainly invested in equity type securities of companies which satisfy a prescribed set of ethical criteria.
  The Schroder Global Climate Change Fund aims to provide capital growth primarily through investment in equities and securities of worldwide issuers which will benefit from efforts to accommodate or limit the impact of global climate change.
    The Schroder Medical Discovery (Global) Fund is a Unit Trust fund, investing in healthcare, medical services and related companies worldwide (although in practice most of the investment is in US companies).
AEGON Scottish Equitable
  AEGON Scottish Equitable, offer ethical funds: the Ethical (UK FTSE all-share), Ethical Cautious (mainly UK) and Socially Responsible Equity (UK FTSE all-share). Their site isn't easy to navigate; look for Specialist Funds.
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Scottish Widows
  The Scottish Widows Environmental Investor Fund (mainly UK) aims to provide long-term capital growth through investment in companies demonstrating positive commitment to protection and preservation of the natural environment. Available as an ISA or pension.
    The Scottish Widows Ethical Fund aims to give long-term capital growth by investing in companies, mainly in the UK, with positive ethical practices.
Skandia Life
  Skandia Life Ethical Portfolio Fund invests predominantly in international equities of companies which can clearly demonstrate sound ethical and/or environmental practice but may also invest in cash and fixed interest securities.
Standard Life
  Standard Life Ethical (UK) Fund invests in an actively managed portfolio of UK equities and is designed to provide capital appreciation, income is not a prime consideration and will be reinvested.
    Standard Life Ethical Corporate Bond Fund aims to provide a high, stable level of income, investing in a portfolio consisting mainly of corporate fixed interest and interest bearing securities which comply with certain ethical criteria.
    Standard Life European Ethical Equity Fund aims to give long term capital growth, investing in an actively managed portfolio of European equities, ex UK, in companies which meet their current ethical criteria.
  The Teachers Sovereign Ethical Unit Trust (UK) aims for capital growth through UK investments.
    The Teachers Sovereign Ethical ISA enables investment in companies that don't harm the world around us and avoids investment in activities exploiting people, animals or the environment.
Triodos Renewables is a public limited company, whose investors want their money to make a practical difference in the fight against climate change, and recognise the long-term business potential of renewable energy. The 2011 Triodos Renewables share issue is now closed.
Triodos Ethical Online Cash ISA enables you to save money and help finance recycling organisations, green energy businesses, organic farms, fair trade enterprises and other businesses and charities making positive change happen.
Triodos EIS Green Funds invests in in a portfolio of high growth-potential sustainable UK companies, in Renewable energy generation and technology, Energy efficiency, Sustainable living, low carbon products and technology and Waste recycling and reduction sectors.
Triodos Microfinance Fund lends to, and makes equity investments in, microfinance institutions and banks across Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe, with the aim of helping achieve sustainable social-economic development in developing countries and provide a financial return to investors.
Triodos Social Enterprise Fund invests in high impact and commercially sustainable social enterprises and provides expertise to help them grow. It aims to deliver social and financial returns to its investors by funding the next generation of pioneering social enterprises.
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Banks and Building Societies etc

Co-operative Bank
  Since 1992, the Co-operative Bank's Ethical Policy has committed the bank to supporting the development of fair trade, with Third World countries.
Ecology Building Society
  The principal purpose of the Ecology Building Society is to lend on properties and projects which limit the impact of housing on the environment and foster sustainable communities.
Global Resource Bank
The Global Resource Bank is a world central bank and direct democratic institution where the creation of money is subject to the production of ecosystems; it is directed by its shareholders .
Co-operative & Community Finance
  Co-operative & Community Finance promotes and undertakes investment in the social economy; it provides sympathetic loan finance to help people take control of their economic lives and create social benefit. They exclusively serve the co-operative and social enterprise sector.
Norwich and Peterborough Building Society
  The Norwich and Peterborough Building Society offer two main types of loan; one for people buying or remortgaging an existing property interested in improving its energy efficiency and one for buyers of new energy-efficient properties.
Shared Interest Society
  Shared Interest is a co-operative lending society, established in 1990, which offers people in Britain the opportunity to make an ethical investment in fair trade with people in the Third World.
Triodos Bank
  Triodos Bank is a European ethical bank investing only in social and environmental enterprises, seeking to contribute to a more people-orientated society, respecting people, the environment and culture.
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