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Archive of some of our legacy articles and slide shows
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These archives of ours include some of the home page editorials we have produced over a period of time. In some cases our views may have evolved and changed but hopefully the themes will have remained consistent, with the good of the environment at heart.

Hermes (Mercury): messenger of the Gods, equipped for travel
Hermes (Mercury): messenger of the Gods, equipped for travel with his wings and hat(!).
Also considered to be associated with fertility but here he seems to be taking a rest.
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Groundsmen working one of the Broken Arrow sites, Palomares town
Grounds men working in a Broken Arrow site (Palomares, see below) apparently a necessary bit of maintenance. The precautions for safety (against plutonium dust?) appear to be minimalist.
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  Archived Galleries and Slide Shows
  Some of the Tropical Butterflies at RHS Wisley. [February, 2013]
  Some of the RHS Wisley Orchids. [March, 2013]
  Some of the Envocare Dogs over the years. [April, 2013]
Water Lilies in the Canal at RHS Wisley. [August 2013]
Tree sculpting at RHS Wisley. [May 2015] 

  Archived Movies
  Ferruginous Hawk at RHS Garden Wisley

A ballet of seagulls on the river Mole, Cobham, Surrey after the floods of 2013-2014


    Archived documents Rating
    There is an abundance of clean renewables: arguing that we can depend on clean, renewable energy sources and do not need nuclear energy.     [August , 2009] There's a lot of it about
    Ed Miliband is new to the job: and has some good ideas but he should heed our advice and also take notice of the white bones in the corner of his office.   [July, 2009] Our Advice
    Moi, moi, moi .... : France and Germany want the UK government to give them favourable treatment in Britain at the expense of renewable energies.    [March, 2009]  
    A good Environment: we argue that is dependent on high standards of morals, competence and ethics. [January , 2009] A moral stand
    Christmases past and present forebode the future: can we dream like Ebenezer and hope to put things right? [December , 2008] Future prediction
    Broken Arrow is a code for nuclear weapon accidents: three separate articles relating to a specific accident in Palomares, Spain with some first-hand observations.   [10 October 2008] Top marks
    We told you so: We indict politicians and bureaucrats for being arrogant, disingenuous and incompetent when dealing with issues involving science and engineering.    [July, 2008]  
    The UK government plans a Green Energy Strategy: as ever we are sceptical, here we say why and suggest what is really needed. [June 2008] One star
    How disenchanted can we get?: well, at that time with the promotion of Gordon Brown to PM, the energy policy looked like getting worse so we asked you to write to your MP. [April, 2008]  
    What about 2008?: with some reasonable effort we should be able to contribute to improving the environment this year?   [January, 2008]  
    Renewable Energy in Europe: how the UK stands on renewable energy compared with the rest of the European Community. [Late January, 2008] Depresing for the UK
    'Tis a sad day: when Gordon Brown confirms Tony Blair's initiative on nuclear energy. Here we argue that it would be a bad initiative and explain why.     [Early January, 2008 ]  
    Windscale, UK: the world's first big nuclear accident occurred more than fifty years ago and what a cock-up that was.    [ 18 December , 2007] Good report
    What hope for 2012?: Kyoto is often regarded as a failure but it has influenced nations and given good leadership; it may be the foundation for future success.    [December, 2007]  
    Ass about face: how the UK government seemed to be getting it all wrong under Tony Blair with Hutton's leaked paper. [Late October 2007]  
    It's Our Money: the powers that be are behaving most irresponsibly and discourteously to us the taxpayers and endangering our future to boot.      [Early October, 2007]  
    Truly Unimaginable Magnitudes (The Bad, The Good and The Ugly): discusses the threats posed by nuclear energy and contrasts it with benign renewable sources   [30 August 2007] Interesting
    Climate Change: who's climate change?: Are recent, record weather conditions anything to do with climate change?    [July, 2007]  
    What a lovely time it is: describing how lovely it is in the UK in May this year, but what is it like elsewhere and what will it be like here, in the future?       [May , 2007] Useful but sarcastic
    We comment on man's excessive quest for energy: and in so doing reach an obvious, if unwelcome, conclusion.   [April, 2007]  
    Our letter to the Prime Minister (then Tony Blair) offering some comments and suggestions on climate change. To which we received a nominal reply of no significance.    [25 February 2005]  

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