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May , 2007


In the South East of the UK it's a Lovely Time of Year

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  We've had a dry sunny spell and now the rain has come to brighten up the gardens. The much longed for summer is before us. The air is clear, the birds are nesting and the flowers are coming into bloom and the bees are buzzing. The trees are turning green and the fragrances of early blossoms waft around the gardens and the countryside.
    The football season has provided us with thrills and the cricket may have provided us with chills but it was emotional and perhaps the Ashes will be ours next time (dream on), the snooker was fantastic and Wimbledon is on the horizon and maybe we'll have a champion this year (allow me some poetic licence, you never know for sure). I love to see the deer, rabbits and birds around the garden (even though they get silently cursed for the plant damage they do and are forgiven for their beautiful presence). What a wonderful time it is.
    With the promise of a warm, sunny summer to come we'll be driving miles to the nearest DIY superstores and buying real wooden garden furniture made from unsustainable forests. We'll be extending our houses using loads of concrete as well as using our garages to store all those unwanted possessions: the cars can be parked on the public highway. The mortgage loans and credit are easy to come by so we can satisfy our every whim.
    When the evenings suddenly turn chilly we can rely on patio heaters burning fossil fuels and we can dump our waste outside alongside the car for someone else to dispose of and if there's too much, the garden waste can always be burnt. When the landfill is full we can admire plans for the construction of new, toxic incinerators. Even if we don't fancy that idea, a cloistered holiday thousands of miles away should take our minds off it for a while.

When that is over there will be no need to fear the onset of winter because there will be nuclear power stations (actually a decade or so later) and Sellafield will not seem so bad since it won't be on its own. What a wonderful time it is.

Then I wonder what it's like in Africa and what it will be like here in a generation's time.

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