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January , 2009


The Environment is so dependant on morals, competence and ethics.

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  The year 2009 is possibly going to be seen as a watershed in environmental issues. Let us make it clear, we are not talking about whether or not you recycle efficiently even though that is important but about matters of life (and its quality) and of death. Envocare is about helping to improve the environment and hope that we make some small contribution to that end. However, the more we involve ourselves the more it becomes apparent that morals, competence and ethics are intimately bound up with maintaining and improving the environment. This is too big a subject to explain in detail in a short commentary and subjectivity clouds any arguments we have but perhaps a few examples will suffice for the present.
    Individual well-being makes it easier to be generous and considerate and to help others who are in need and to a great extent those most deserving are suffering because of their horrible environments. This last year has seen a global financial débâcle created by an immoral elite and facilitated by an incompetent set of senior administrators. The impact on the average person is to reduce their abilities to contribute to improving the lot of the victims who are injured, abused, bereaved, displaced and homeless. The perpetrators should be identified and dealt with justly and transparently. Man (and maybe other animals) need good role-models and they should be nurtured while the bad role-models should be unambiguously discouraged
    It is the senior administrators (aka politicians and civil servants) we should have been watching. The most obvious example is George W Bush who's contribution has so damaged the environment in the form of explicit destruction, resource pillaging, killing and torture. McCain might have been an improvement on Bush but with the cartoon character he created (Sarah Palin) his policies did not bode well. On this side of the pond things were only a little better and that might have been because we didn't have the international clout to make it worse. The UK has a frightening future with the prospect of nuclear power re-introduced as a so-called green source of energy when it clearly is the opposite. And then we have the prospect of a Heathrow airport expansion which will blight the environment for hundreds of thousands of English residents and all done on the basis of unsound and distorted facts amassed by a few elite in cahoots with a few undemocratic politicians. Again, you may not think the current sleaze in the House of Lords (the ultimate court of law!) is important but distortion of justice will impact severely on the quality of life for the general public.
    Politicians are competent in oration and looking after themselves but in matters important to us they are notoriously incompetent. If they were even superficially competent they should be able to see that green energy, axiomatically, comes from the sun. So far they have accepted wind-power because it was easy and they are toying with trivial amounts of water power but what about direct solar power? Allocate a few hundred million pounds on development subsidies (trivial sums in the scale of energy developments) and tackle the energy giants by forcing feed-in tariffs and we'd soon see some really significant environmental benefits (not to mention international and commercial benefits). It's all about competence and ethics when it's boiled down.
    Then there's the main moral agenda created by religion. This of course is the point where most people say 'don't go there'; but the fact is we are there. The Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) include over half the world's population and span about 4000 years. They all have moral creeds which include love, tolerance and respect for all God's creatures (as do other religions too). The frightening fact is that, in recent times, wars have been, and still are being, fought in their name. Worse than that, sects within religions are fighting each other. Whether one associates these fights with the religions or blame wealth (eg oil) as their causes it still remains that the conflicts are mainly between religious factions. The consequences for the victims are usually horrendous because of the atrocities and the environmental impacts. Why can't the religious groups be guided by the positive aspects of their faith and shun the evil happenings for which there can be no justification? While we would expect reasons to be given for the atrocities we believe that they could never excuse such behaviour.
    Early in the year something quite extraordinary happened: Barack Obama was elected as the US President. After G W Bush left we would have been happy to see Donald Duck take his place but Barack Obama is way out the best thing we could have hoped for. He shows a sensitivity for the environment and this we believe is associated with his competence and a high moral and ethical code. The future with him looks good and we hope he can live up to our expectations. May the American people protect and help him, in God's name, whichever.
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