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Early January, 2008


'Tis a Sad Day

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  Indeed 'tis a sad day when Gordon Brown confirms Tony Blair's initiative and in effect authorises the construction of nuclear power stations in the UK. We have, for a long time argued that, with current technologies, nuclear power exposes mankind to horrendous dangers for countless generations to come.
    Unfortunately the arguments against nuclear power are disingenuously ignored. It seems that the fact that there is no satisfactory way, in the whole world, of safely disposing of pernicious nuclear waste is not that important to this government nor for the massive enterprises that will benefit financially. It seems that the dangers posed to individuals who source radioactive fuel or members of the public who are put at risk during its transport are of no great significance. The fact that nuclear power stations are unsafe because they will become terrorist targets or simply because there will be accidents and operators will make mistakes is conveniently neglected. The statistics showing the increased cancer risks in the vicinities of the stations are denied in the face of scientific studies which show otherwise.
    The argument that we can't manage without nuclear generators is false. There are numerous alternative sources of renewable energy which are currently available or could be made available before the proposed nuclear power stations can come on line. The UK is well placed to take advantage of wind or wet power not to mention direct solar energy and the potential is there to tap into these sources long before the nuclear stations will begin to deliver. And there would be the potential to generate energies in far greater amounts than the nuclear option. It's so frustrating to have to argue the case on why we should not go nuclear but concentrate on renewables again and again. If you are interested enough please read our trilogy 'The Bad, the Good and the Ugly' which we penned in summer last year.
    There has always been a politician's hidden agenda which led to support for nuclear power stations. Originally it was to supply the fuel for atomic and hydrogen bombs (which is what Iran is accused of currently) but that has been superseded by other motives. Putting it bluntly we believe that Gordon Brown wants to maintain his status and wants to take the easy option which is to acquiesce to get the support of the rich and influential. The opposition leader, David Cameron, has just jumped on to the bandwagon and is giving implicit support to this decision. Actually we have just realised there was ever only one motive and that was for the individuals in power to protect there own status and prosperity.
    Logically, therefore, we vow not to vote into office any party or individual who support the nuclear power option. Not very effective you might say but make no mistake, if enough of us did that then surely as night follows day these people would soon change their minds.
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